- Pro-Ject 55? 56? 57? (whatever?) Chevy Belair-

Owner: Donny Donahue

Driver: Some loose nut behind the wheel! (Trust me when I say this)

- 482 c.i.d. BB-Chevy -

E.T.  10:82 @ 124 mph (through some junk mufflers)

Engine Built By " Don, Gary, Dave, Me ???????"

4 Bolt Chevy Big Block 482 (+.125" bore 454)

Dart Heads - .800" lift roller cam (Comp Cams)

Aluminum Engine Plates - Custom Headers by LAW - custom re-worked by Donny (hee hee)

Holley 1150 CFM on Super Victor Intake

BG Fuel Pump and Regulator

Cooled by a Griffin Aluminum Radiator

MSD Ignition - Distributor and Wires

U.S. Speed Research (Kenny K) Turbo 400 with trans brake & 4500 converter

Dana 60 - 4:56 gears with Moser 35 Spline Axles,

Full cage - ladder bar with coil overs - custom fuel cell with original fill in tail lights

Fabricated by...... Who else? Thats why it's on my web site......

Centerline Wheels with M.T. 14.5" x 30" x 15" M.T. E.T. street tires

0-DonD56.JPG (28395 bytes)

Ready to go as soon as he picks it up.......
This car has way to much cool stuff!

He has owned this car for almost 30 years proving things do get better with age

(no Don not you, your falling apart)

Maiden Launch.JPG (62425 bytes)

First time trying it out last year (2004)

This car was finished in 2004 and I'm hoping he will find time to get out to GLD

I'll post some tire smokin pics when he sends them to me.... Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!

Well, the following pics are random shots thru time.........

0-FIRST.JPG (38042 bytes)

This is the same car from above, 27 years ago! it was blue and silver then.

Check out li'l Donny with the tire....

0-scan0002.JPG (37618 bytes)

Anyone who knows these guy's should just love this picture, Donnie Donahue & Kevin Hill.

You just have to love old pictures like this, I think these skinny little dudes can't be them!

0-56-1.JPG (22853 bytes)

Here you can actually see the original color when Don got the car.

0-100_0841.JPG (37252 bytes)

Trunk shot (fuel cell in progress) tied to the original filler in the tail lights assy.

0-100_0842.JPG (32565 bytes)

Re-work of the trans crossmember, exhaust system and driveshaft safety loop.

0-100_0848.JPG (32002 bytes)

Makin sure the only loose nut is behind the drivers wheel and trust me.... it'll never be tight!

0-100_0850.JPG (20027 bytes)

Rollin out for the first time in a while, ready to go to Sunbusters 4th of July party!

0-100_0976.JPG (21822 bytes)


0-100_1258.JPG (28265 bytes)

Berfore we left, to cruise. (Donny K, Donny D & Me)

0-39322246405_468.JPG (21099 bytes)

Some where, on some street, together, terrorizing the pavement!

0-MVC-291X.JPG (30413 bytes)


0-MVC-304X.JPG (48333 bytes)

OR THIS!.........    :o) "Friends" don't let friends weld????      (yea Don, I had to do it)

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