~ Custom Low Rider 63 Chevy Impala " ICECOLD" ~

~ Owner: Mr. Eddie Alpizar ~

~ Driver: Eddie "I Got's to Damn Much Money" Alpzar, and yes, he drives it ~

~ 388 c.i.d. Small Block Chevy ~

~ Paint amd finish by "Willie Bailey" ~

~ E.T.  should run around 30 seconds in the quarter with all those batteries and pumps on board ~

~ This car has more chrome than the last ten cars I've owned. You have to see it in person to believe it! ~

~ Extreme????? Out of control????? Yes it is! ~

Eddie_A_20.JPG (68098 bytes)

~ Looks great, The detail you would have to see to believe! ~

~ That is part of his collection of trophy's..... he has enough of them! ~

Eddie_A_31.JPG (55252 bytes)

~ Chrome? did someone say CHROME?????? He owms stock in Mothers Polish ~

Eddie_A_51.JPG (37566 bytes)

~ Low Rider???? High Rider???? This guy can't make up his mind! Sup wit dat? ~

Eddie_A_61.JPG (62523 bytes) Eddie_A_81.JPG (62276 bytes)

~ Now this is a prime example of what a person does that has waaaaaaay to much money to spend... chrome, chrome and more chrome! ~

~ I guess thats why they call him "Eddie E-Z Money" ~

Eddie_A_71.JPG (39578 bytes)

~ The only thing I did for Eddie was the brakes, a combonation of Wilwood brake parts and custom machining... not a kit. ~

~ Wilwood disc brakes on all four corners, with 13" wheels....... cray-Z ~

I just wonder if he could do a burnout with all the batteries and pumps in the rear....    :o)

I'm waiting..............

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